Sideslip Tester

Vehicle Sideslip Tester inspects the axle wheel alignment between camber and toe while the vehicle is driven in a straight direction. The destressing plate guarantees a correct and accurate measurement.


? Sideslip Plate & Protection Frame integrated structure

? Sideslip plate locker with inner key

? Maintenance-free body design

? Galvanized plate surface for longer service life

? High precision sensor to ensure the exactitude of result

? Upper and lower Dual Bearing System makes smooth movement

? Options of synchronic or independent motion type for different regulation requirements

? Over-value alarm function

? Standard RS-232 connection port

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Item KCH-3 KCH-15 KCH-18B
Max.Axle Load 3000kg 15000kg 18000kg
Measuring Range ±20 m/km ±20 m/km ±20 m/km
Sideslip Board Dimensions 600x500mm 1100x1000mm 750x1000mm
Destressing Plate Dimensions 600x250mm 1100x300mm /
Structure Form single test plate L-R double plates single test plate
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz,ground AC 220V, 50Hz,ground AC 220V, 50Hz,ground
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