Play Detector

The play detector, with two moving plates of play detector, is assisted to verify the joint play condition in a vehicle chassis. The play detector is made by three parts: 2x moving plates, hydraulic system and electric control system (with handhold remote & torch)


? Different movements of the plates are available

? Hydraulic unit increases user convenience

? Extra heavy duty structure, robust and lower noise design

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Item KJX-10 KJX-18
Plate Dimensions 1000 x 750 mm 1000 x 750 mm
Maximum Displacement Of Plate 100 x 100 mm 100 x 100 mm
Maximum Axle Load 15000kg 15000kg
Maximum Wheel Load 7500kg 7500kg
Movement Direction 6 directions
(Left Plate: front / rear & left / right,Right Plate: front / rear)
(Both left and right plate has 4-directionmovement)
Max.Displacement Force Of Platen 30kn 30kn
Control Individually Per Platform Individually Per Platform
Power Supply To Control Unit AC 220V/3ph,3 80V, 50Hz, ground AC 220V/3ph,3 80V, 50Hz, ground
Working Environment Temperature 0-50℃ Humidity 85% Temperature 0-50℃ Humidity 85%
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