2&3 Wheels Motorcycle Tester

Motorcycle Tester is specially designed to inspect the brake performance and axle-load value of Motorcycle. Combined with the Wheel clamp Speedometer & Wheel Alignment (optional) . It is advanced equipment for Motorcycle Safety Technical Inspection Center, and it is also largely used in Motorcycle repairing industry.


? Automatic&pneumatic clamps control process for smooth and safe operation

? High adhesion coating paint for longer working life

? High precision sensor and high roundness of roller ensures the exactitude of result

? Standard RS-232 connection port

? More functions are available by externally linkage to other testers, such as Emission Tester, Head Light Tester, Sound Level Tester, TV Display Screen, LED Signal Board, etc

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Item KMFH-350W(2 Wheels) KMFH-350Q(2&3 Wheels)
Max.Wheel Weight 350kg 750kg
Measuring Range 0-350kg 0-350kg
Brake Force 0-3000n 0-3000n
Measurement Speed 0-80km/h 0-80km/h
Alignment Measurement ±15mm ±15mm
Brake Motor Power 1.5kw 2*1.5kw
Speed Motor Power 4kw 4kw
Motor Type Variable speed Variable speed
Equipment Dimensions 6170x820x385mm 6170x1800x385mm
Equipment Weight 1250kg 1850kg
Air Supply(mpa) 0.5-0.6Mpa 0.5-0.6Mpa
Power Supply AC 380V,50Hz,ground AC 380V,50Hz,ground
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