COSBER attends CITA Regional Meeting for Africa


Kampala, Uganda. CITA Regional Meeting for Africa is taking place and during two-day meeting, role players with an interest in vehicle inspection and road safety on the African continent gathered together and shared an engagement on the related topics.

Cosber African team represented at this event and offered high level key note address sharing cutting-edge research, best practices, and experiences.Cosber introduced its best practices from China who has succeeded in implementing inspection controls. The presentation includes how China streamlines vehicle safety inspections to addressing the imbalance between the growth of vehicles and the shortage of inspection stations.

Backed by Cosber’s global experience and expertise, Cosber can provide a complete range of automotive transportation and road safety solutions. This latest technology featured by automatic and high efficient, adds tangible value and benefits to businesses, consumers and the environment.

Learning and exchanging from other role players in the industry, Cosber will continue to pay attention to the development of road safety in Africa and actively work with all stakeholders, from governments to Individuals in this region to meet current and future mobility demands.

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